Cy Beat Podcast

With Deb Radcliff | Looking Forward by Looking Back

In the early days, colorful gray hat hackers proved that any technology could be hacked. As the harbingers of things to come, they took a lot of flak for it. But their predictions were spot on, and with each new technology we adopt, there will be more danger to come. In this series, we use the lessons of the past and present to prepare for the future. It is named the Cy Beat because Cy is the lead character in Deb’s cyber thriller book, which depicts a dystopian world in which GlobeCom takes over the world through human chip implants and freedom hackers mount a coordinated attack to break GlobeCom’s backbones.

Tune in for exciting discussion and storytelling as Deb interviews hackers, coders, intelligence experts, agents, officers, cyber security pros, and other interesting harbingers, heroes and warriors about how we got here and what we need to do about it.